Installing and Configuring the Custom Chart CLI

Before installing Zoomdata's Custom Chart CLI, verify that Node.js and npm are installed on your machine and that its version is 6.x or later. A description of how to do this is provided in

To install and configure the Custom Chart CLI:

  1. Install the Custom Chart CLI by running the following:
    $ npm install zoomdata-chart-cli@4 -g
  2. After installation, you can configure the default environment that is used by the Custom Chart CLI. This makes creating and pushing custom charts easier, as you do not have to provide the server URL and credentials with every command. Run the following to start the configuration process:

    $ zd-chart config
  3. Follow the prompts to store your default server configuration in an encrypted file. After the server configuration has been saved, the CLI checks for the presence of this file when you omit the server URL and credentials when running commands.

  4. After installing, you can create new charts or make updates to current custom charts.