Dashboard Smart Loading

Zoomdata uses smart loading to load charts on a dashboard. Smart loading improves the performance for loading charts on a dashboard, especially for dashboards containing many charts.

Without smart loading, charts cannot be used until all of the charts in a dashboard are loaded. With smart loading, an initial maximum number of charts are loaded simultaneously. The rest of the charts are put on hold. After one or more initial charts are loaded, other charts in the dashboard are taken off hold and loaded, but only up to the set maximum. As charts are loaded, they can be used immediately, without waiting for all of the dashboard charts to load.

Charts are loaded from the top down. The immediately viewable charts (the ones at the top of the dashboard) are loaded first, up to the set maximum. If you scroll down through a dashboard, a chart that is on hold and is placed farther from the top of the dashboard is started at a higher priority than other charts on the dashboard.

For information on managing smart loading, including changing the maximum number of charts that are loaded simultaneously (the default is eight charts), contact Zoomdata Technical Support.