Activating Admin-Defined Functions

To activate an admin-defined function in Zoomdata:

  1. Create a JSON file containing your admin-defined function definitions. This JSON file should reside on the same machine as the connector server. The recommended location for this JSON file is /etc/zoomdata (for example, /etc/zoomdata/edc-impala-functions.json). See Admin-Defined Function JSON Files for more information about creating this JSON file.

  2. Update the connector server configuration so the connector knows where to find the file containing the admin-defined functions you have created. Complete these steps:

    1. Locate and edit the properties file for the connector in the /etc/zoomdata directory. For example, the Impala properties file is called

      vi <property-file>
    2. Locate and update the functions.template.json.path property in the Functions section of the properties file. Supply the path to the JSON file containing your admin-defined functions in the property. In the following example, the path for the edc-impala-functions.json file is specified.


      All admin-defined functions for a connector should be defined in the same JSON file, so only one path is needed per data source.

    3. Save the properties file.

  3. Restart the connector server.

The connector reads and validates the JSON file only at startup. When you restart the connector, it loads the admin-defined function JSON file and will validate the function definitions in the file. Errors are logged if they are found. If the function definitions are valid, the connector starts successfully and writes a list of the loaded admin-defined functions to the log.