Disabling Data Caching for a Data Source

The Zoomdata data cache is a temporary storage area containing the aggregated data from your data sources. By default, caching is enabled for all data sources. However, you can disable it if your data source is constantly being updated, or you do not want to allocate the required RAM, or the performance rate of your data source is so high you do not need to store the aggregated queries.

To disable data caching:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as a Zoomdata administrator.

  2. Select (Settings) and then select Sources. The Data Sources page appears.

  3. In the My Data Sources table on the Data Sources page, locate and select the row displaying the data source configuration for which you want result set caching stopped.

    The data source configuration wizard starts.

  4. Select the Tables or Indices tab. See Tables/Indices Tab.

  5. Switch the Caching toggle OFF at the bottom of the tab.

  6. Click Save to save the data source configuration and close the wizard.

    Data caching is disabled for the data source configuration.  Data will be freshly loaded into the Zoomdata cache the next time it is requested from the data source.