Even Time Intervals

Even time Intervals allows you to include all time groupings from your data source on a dashboard that have date or time data. You can select whether you want to display all time data, or just the data that returns a value. By default, time groups with a value of NULL (groups without any data) are not displayed.

Even time Interval grouping is only available on dashboards that use a data source with date and time fields.

Applying Even Time Intervals

  1. Open a dashboard that uses a data source with date or time fields.

  2. Click Group and select a Time attribute.

  3. On the dashboard, click the Time Granularity box.

  4. Check the box labeled Include Blanks. By default, the ability to show all values is disabled and only attributes with a value greater than NULL are displayed.

The dashboard updates to include all values from the data source.

If your dashboard is using a table-style chart such as a Pivot Table or Raw Data table, following the steps below:

  1. On your table chart, click the date/time row header.

  2. Under the Time attribute, click the unit of date. For example, Day.

  3. Check the box labeled Include Blanks.

For more information about how Zoomdata handles data and time data, see How Zoomdata Handles Time.