Configuring the Tracing Service Port

Zoomdata uses service discovery to detect devices and services used in your computer network. In addition, the Zoomdata tracing service is accessible by web browser on port 9411 (by default), however the interface does not require authentication at this time and access can only be restricted at the firewall.

To configure a different tracing port, edit the properties file for every installed Zoomdata service and specify the following property:


Edit the properties file with a text editor and replace <hostname> with the appropriate tracing service host name or IP address and replace <port> with the tracing service port that should be used.

A complete list of the connector property files in Zoomdata can be found in Configuration Properties and Options. If you cannot locate a properties file in /etc/zoomdata/, copy it from /opt/zoomdata/conf.

When you have finished, save each properties file and restart the associated service. See Managing Zoomdata Services Using the Command Line Utility.