Removing a Filter from a Chart or Dashboard

The process for removing a filter from a chart or dashboard is the same for row-level filters, wild card filters, group filters, and filters applied by a keyset or saved filter. The applied filters for a chart or dashboard appear on the Filters sidebar and are removed in the same way. To delete a saved filter or a keyset from your environment, see Maintaining Saved Filters and Using Keysets.

To remove a filter from a chart or dashboard:

  1. Click the filter icon () on the chart or dashboard. The dashboard-level filter icon is available only when all the charts are from the same data source.

  2. Locate the filter you want to remove in the list on the Filters sidebar.

  3. Click associated with the filter. If you remove the filter at the dashboard level, it is removed from all the charts in the dashboard. Otherwise, it is removed only from the selected (active) chart.