Address Zoomdata Service Shown as Not Running


In the Zoomdata server, running the sudo service zoomdata status command shows Zoomdata as not running even though Zoomdata is clearly running and accessible via the browser. No noticeable error is seen in the Zoomdata log files and no other major issue is seen with the actual execution of Zoomdata.

Possible Causes and Solutions

This issue may be occurring because your Zoomdata pid file is in the /tmp folder of your Zoomdata server. By default, the Zoomdata pid file is stored in this directory per the /etc/init.d/zoomdata file. If this is the case, there are many reasons why the pid file could be missing from this directory, and would require further investigation from your Linux or Ops engineers. Please check the size of this temp directory as if it is quite small, it can easily fill up depending on the size and usage of the server. Furthermore, some users may have set-up a cron job (or manually) to periodically clean this /tmp directory.

As a workaround, the location of the Zoomdata pid file can be changed to not use the /tmp folder. This can be done by modifying the /etc/init.d/zoomdata file directly. Look for the following line in this file:

# Define Zoomdata pid file
[ -z "$ZOOMDATA_PID" ] && ZOOMDATA_PID="/tmp/"
We suggest either using the Zoomdata directory or some other directory where the Zoomdata user has write access that does not risk being cleaned out by something like a cron or manual job.