Events Created by Client

This reference sheet lists events created by the Zoomdata client.

Thread Events

Event Description
thread:start Thread is starting.
thread:stop Thread is stopping.
thread:pause Thread is pausing. Relevant only for time bar visualizations.
thread:unpause Thread is resuming. Relevant only for time bar visualization.
thread:updateSpeed Thread's speed is updating. Relevant only for time bar visualizations.
thread:message Thread is sending data, which is returned as a packet by the listener to a callback function.
thread:error An error occurred on the thread. The error message is included in the event, which is returned as a packet by the listener to a callback function.
thread:startVisDone Thread has finished starting the visualization.
thread:stopVisDone Thread has finished stopping the visualization.
thread:noData Thread has found no data.
thread:dirtyData Data is currently being read. Not fully sharpened yet.
thread:notDirtyData All the data has been read and is fully sharpened.
thread:pauseDone Thread has finished pausing. For time bar sources.
thread:unpauseDone Thread has finished resuming. For time bar sources.
thread:pagination Pagination for most visualizations.
thread:pivotPaging Separate paging event for Pivot Table visualization.
thread:viewport Viewport has updated.
thread:timeline Reports time window currently being queried.

Visualization Events

Event Description
showReflinePopup Show Reference Line pop-up.
interaction Interaction with the visualization. Includes event details.
actionList:open Action list opened.
actionList:close Action list closed.
tooltip:show Display tooltip.
tooltip:update Updating tooltip.
tooltip:move Moving tooltip.
tooltip:hide Hide tooltip.
filters:add Add a filter.
filters:remove Remove a filter.
showWarning Show a warning.
releaseInteractiveElement Released an interactive element you no longer want to be interactive.
registerInteractiveElement Registered a new interactive element.
requestData Requesting data.
axisLabels:create Create axis labels for your visualization.
axisLabel:create Create an axis label for your visualization.
axisLabels:remove Remove all axis labels from visualization.
stop Visualization is stopping.

Visualization has requested attribute picker.

request:pickMetric Visualization has requested metric picker.
request:registered Visualization queries whether some element is interactive.
request:getTicksStep Visualization is requesting the tick step.