Chart Metrics and Attributes Reference

Different chart styles can support different numbers of metrics and attributes and have different metric identifiers. The table below lists these for each chart style.

Icon Style Number of metrics Metric identifiers Number of attributes
Bars at least 1 Bar height, bar color, segment size, color at least 1
Bars: Histogram 1 Bar height, bar color 1
Bars: Multiple Metrics Multiple Bar height, bar color 1
Box Plot 2 Position and size 1
Donut 1 Segment size, color 1
Floating Bubbles 2 Position and size 2
Heat Map 1 Segment color 2
KPI 1 Segment color
Line & Bar Charts 2 Bar color time
Line Trend Charts: Attribute Values 1 Point location 2 and time field
Line Trend Charts: Multiple Metrics Multiple Point location 1
Map: Markers 2 Color 1
Map: US Regions1 3 Color 1
Map: World Countries 1 Color 1
Packed Bubbles 2 Bubble size, bubble color 1
Pie 1 Segment size, color 1
Pivot Table Multiple Multiple
Scatter Plot 3 Position and size 1
Tree Map 2 Segment size, color 1
Word Cloud 2 Font size, color 1
1Map: US Regions can support up to three attributes, with one required field: State. The additional two fields that can be used are the County (the five digit FIPS code is required) and Zip Code. For more information, see Map: US Regions.