Derived Field and Row-Level Expression Enhancements

The following enhancements were made for derived fields and row-level expressions:

  • Support for derived fields and row-level expressions was added to the following connectors: Amazon Redshift, Apache Drill, Apache Phoenix, Elasticsearch, MemSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, SAP IQ, Snowflake, and Teradata.

  • Administrator-defined functions were introduced. You can now create functions at the connector level from SQL strings and reference them later in data source configurations that use the connector. This support is provided only for SQL-based data sources that support row-level expressions in derived fields and custom metrics. See Admin-Defined Functions.

  • You can now add, modify, duplicate, or remove derived fields and custom metrics from the dashboard sidebars, as mentioned previously in Data Exploration Enhancements.

  • Derived fields can now be used in histogram and box plot charts.

  • The Last Value metric can now be applied to a numeric derived field.

  • Derived time fields can now be used for the default time bar configuration.