Troubleshooting tips are provided in the following basic areas:

Area Includes Information About
Installation Address Zoomdata Service Shown as Not Running
Intermittent WebSocket Disconnects in Zoomdata
Can Zoomdata Be Installed From an RPM Repository?
What Is This Unsupported Class Error?
Performance Verifying the Zoomdata Server Restart
Reducing Resource Allocation Due to Live Mode
Administration Ensuring Your Custom Favicon Sticks in Browser Tab
Basic SAML Troubleshooting
Why Can't I Recreate Users that Previously Existed?
Icons Not Reverting to Defaults After Screenshot Feature Disabled
Data Sources Elasticsearch: What Are the Commonly Reported Issues?
Resolving the Hive Timeout Warning Message

Initial Kerberized Impala Troubleshooting Steps
Charts and Dashboards Displaying All Unique Elements for a Selected Filter Panel Attribute
Fixing Blank Visualizations in the Gallery (for RPM Installations)

Can I Use Multiple Data Sources on the Same Chart?
Address SQL Data Sources Displaying Date and Time Fields Incorrectly in Excel
Address Safari Browser Connection Lost Error When Rendering a Chart
What Should I Check for if Live Mode Is Configured But My Dashboard Data Isn't Updating?
Developer Resources The Cross-Origin Request Blocked Error
Why Don't SDK-Embedded Visualizations Display Properly Unless a User is Logged In?