Version 3.3 Upgrade Information

In Zoomdata 3.3, we updated the underlying Spring Cloud software used by the Zoomdata application. If you have used Zoomdata versions earlier than 3.3, you must delete the RabbitMQ messaging queues from prior Zoomdata versions before you upgrade to Zoomdata 3.3 or later. All upgrade considerations are described in this topic:

Deleting the RabbitMQ Messaging Queues

If you do not delete the RabbitMQ messaging queues from prior Zoomdata versions, incompatibilities will exist in the queues, leading to upload errors similar to this:

Unexpected error PRECONDITION_FAILED - inequivalent arg 'x-dead-letter-exchange'

To delete your RabbitMQ messaging queues:

  1. Stop the Zoomdata upload (zoomdata-upload-service) and stream-writer (zoomdata-streamwriter-postgresql) services completely. See Stopping Zoomdata Services.
  2. Complete the following steps to delete all existing queues in RabbitMQ:
    1. Enter the following command to list all the queues in RabbitMQ:

      sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues
    2. Enter commands in the following format to delete any queues listed in the previous step.

      sudo rabbitmqctl delete_queue <queue-name>

      For example:

      sudo rabbitmqctl delete_queue createDestination.streamData
    3. Use the following command to verify all queues are deleted:

      sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues

      If they are not, repeat step b until all messaging queues are deleted.

  3. Start the Zoomdata upload (zoomdata-upload-service) service. See Starting Zoomdata Services.
  4. Start the Zoomdata stream-writer (zoomdata-streamwriter-postgresql) service. See Starting Zoomdata Services.

Additional Media-Type Header Required

Zoomdata now requires the following additional header specifying the media type on non-browser HTTP requests for static content: “Accept: */*”. For example, this will impact any health checks performed against /zoomdata/login:

curl -H "Accept: */*" localhost:8080/zoomdata/login

Screenshot Feature Upgrade

If you used the Screenshot feature in versions of Zoomdata prior to 3.3, we recommend you upgrade to 3.3 to obtain fixes that were applied in 3.3.

Application Endpoint and Metric Name Changes

Zoomdata 3.3 includes several changes to application endpoints that need to be taken into account when upgrading from previous versions. These changes will primarily affect applications monitoring Zoomdata's health:

1. Actuator endpoints. The /service URI has been changed to the /actuator namespace. For example, /service/health has moved to /actuator/health.

2. Metric names and API. The metric naming convention and URI has changed. For example, jvm.memory.heap.used, that was previously found in /service/metrics, is now found at /actuator/metrics/jvm.memory.used?area=heap.

3. The following endpoints have been removed: /service/metrics_grouped and /service/metrics_sorted

Configuration Property Changes

The following configuration property changes were made in

  • The server.contextPath property name changed to server.servlet.context-path.
  • The multipart.maxFileSize property name changed to spring.servlet.multipart.max-file-size.
  • The multipart.maxRequestSize property name changed to spring.servlet.multipart.max-request-size.
  • The management.contextPath property name changed to management.endpoints.web.base-path.